Removal of infected lung cyst

The cysts are sacs of lung tissue that are filled with air. They are usually found on the outside surface of the lung, and the lower lungs are usually more affected than the upper lung

The frequency with which cysts of the lung are found in routine examinations of the chest under various conditions indicates that these are not uncommon phenomena and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any pulmonary process. Furthermore, the striking advances in thoracic surgery during the past decade have made it possible to institute genuinely curative procedures, so that the importance of diagnosis has been greatly enhanced.

Cysts of the lung may be either congenital or acquired, bronchial or parenchymal in origin, single or multiple. They may contain fluid, gas, or both, and are often designated as non-inflammatory, although they may be the sequel of an inflammatory process and they may become secondarily infected.

Cyst maybe removed by thoracotomy or thoracoscopy. Below is the video demonstrating thoracoscopic removal of infected lung cyst.

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