Publications- With Full Text Articles

  1. Gluteal rhabdomyosarcoma in a newborn – case report
  2. Day care Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Children: A review of 11 cases
  3. Paediatric Cholelithisasis and laparoscopic management
  4. Lap management of H type urethroanal fistula
  5. Laparoscopic Management of uncomplicated intestinal malrotation in children
  6. Laparosocpic Appendicectomy is favourable alternative for complicated appendicitis in children
  7. Ovarian preservation in Children for adenexal pathology
  8. Post cardiac surgery pericardiectomy Role of thoracoscopy in the management
  9. Thoracoscopic removal of oesophageo-duplication cyst
  10. Role of thoracoscopy in the management
  11. Laparoscopic-removal-of-testicular-tumor-in-udt-jminaccess-surg
  12. Recent-advances-in-the-management-of-solid-tumors
  13. laparoscopic-surgery-of-inguinal-hernia-in-children-experience-with-110-repairs
  14. A-rare-case-of-pediatric-enteroplueural-fistula-which-presented-as-lung-abscess
  15. JMinAccessSurg STEALTH SURGERY Subcuatneous Endoscopic excision of benign lesions of head, neck and trunk in Children
  16. Text Book of Pediatrics. Vol.1 -Piyush-Gupta-sec-35-1-25-1
  17. Institutional experience with laparoscopic‑assisted anorectal
  18. Choice of hernia repair Lap vs Open
  19. Recent advance in the management of solid tumors Jul-Sep_2016-Final-28.09.16

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Minimising scars in children

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