Gastric teratoma excision

The gastric teratoma is a rare tumor that usually presents as an abdominal mass, with or without features of gastric outlet obstruction. accounting for less than 1 % of all teratomas in infants & children.

Diagnosis of gastric teratoma might be feasible by detecting the presence of calcification on abdominal radiographs and more accurately on abdominal CT.  Most mature cystic teratomas can be diagnosed with ultrasound.

Grossly, gastric teratomas have both cystic and solid components. The tumor is commonly exogastric. The commonest site of origin is the posterior wall of the stomach, followed by the lesser curvature and the anterior wall of the stomach.

Treatment for mature gastric teratoma is surgical removal. Complete surgical excision is curative. Total excision and primary closure of the gastric wall is the treatment of choice. Laparoscopic excision remains a viable option.

Minimising scars in children

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