Drainage of loculated hemopneumothorax

Hemopneumothorax, or haemopneumothorax is the condition of having air in the chest cavity (pneumothorax) and blood in the chest cavity (hemothorax). A hemothorax, pneumothorax, or the combination of both can occur due to an injury to the lung or chest.

A loculi is a small chamber or cavity especially in the lungs in this case. Here, the local is filled with blood and air.

It is vital that the accumulated air and blood is drained out and hence their is adequate ventilation and perfusion in the Childs lung and hence body.

Failure to do so may lead to various lung pathologies. Hence, to treat this condition the accumulated blood and air is surgically drained out. If left for a long time it may lead to infection and location. At this stage it may not be amenable for tube drainage, hence thoracoscopic drainage becomes a viable option compared to thoracotomy.

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